Chouquette, aka as sugar puffs. These are little puffs that are actually cream puffs, except they are plain without fillings, but topped with sugar pearls.

As I mentioned before, these little puffs are my family favourite. No matter how many I bake, it will be cleared within a day and asking for more.

These are best eaten while it’s warm and crispy. But will turn soft once cold and the sugar pearl will melt away, well, it’s still yummy though.:)

Choquettes and sweet buns

These are what I baked within a day:


Once I chanced upon the recipe of chouquettes and tried it. My gals love it and can eat 10 at a go!

Chouquettes: these are little choux pastry, topped with some sugar pearl and to be eaten plain.


The size is just nice as snack. 1 mouthful 1.😉

I had also did some sweet buns with fillings. My family love this recipe of sweet buns. Soft and it can remain soft for a least 3 days! But since there’s no preservatives added (reason why I love home made bread), we don’t usually keep it for 3 days.:)

Fillings I did for the buns are azuki paste (which I recently bought from a new japanese emporium located in Marina Square), cheese sausage (was supposed to be served as breakfast) and chocolate bars (these bars are those used in chocolate crossiant).

Everyone was happy.😉

Clay Miniatures

At times when I do not have any fondant order, I would love to bring out my air dry clay to create things that I would love to do on fondant.

This hobby has been quite new hence haven’t been skillful with it.


These are the most recent produced as my son was sick, hence I had the luxury to have a few days at home to make all these.

I quite like the bears. The big brown bear was done by me and the smaller one supposely was my son, but apparently, he was too lazy and I did all the parts for him.

The little blue car was also requested by him and he was actually quite happy with the end product.

Most of the items are not quite completed. The macarons have not been “filled” yet and the little strawberries are to be for a cake n bears are without small little details.

Hope I have time to complete all the details.

Baby’s shower

It has been a long time since I had last updated this blog of mine. Haven’t been creating many bakes.

However, recently I had done a baby shower cupcakes which I am very satisfied with.


I did up the whole settings. The bunting was DIY from scrapbooking cards and the pompom at the side were also DIY using tissue wrapping paper.

It has been days and I am still excited about it. Hope I habe more opportunities to create such event again. I was only give a week to think, source and prepare. With more time, I am able to do better as I do have ideas but no time to prepare.

Moving forward, I will try to blog about other things such as cookings and some craft works. It won’t be purely on bakings anymore.:)

MINECRAFT! MINECRAFT! It was a disaster for me!

This is the vefy first time attempting to create a minecraft cake.

Has been sourcing the web for ideas and inspiration but since it was my first attempt, I had decided to go for some “simple” design.


It was what I expect. I had planned to use chocolate ganache as the filling for the cake as well as the coating.
However, my first attempt to “build” the cake with different tones of squares, was a failure. The ganache oozed out inbetween the “grid”! Take a close look:


But, that was not all. The nightmare came when I woke up in the morning! Everything slide off the cake!

The name, the squares… and the fondant seems to be melting and green “liquid” was dripping down the cake!

I had no choice, I was working on the cake till 5am the day before and all my effort went down the drain. I had to re-do the decoration in the morning before my customer collect the cake. Time was pressing.

I scraped off the ganache and created the “soil” effect for the bottom instead of giving a smooth finishing and re-create the green grid and have a white backing instead of directly placing the square on the cake. And thank God, it wasn’t that bad then oozing green fondant and melting wordings.


The grid was smaller and much neater than previous.

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First rabbit theme cake

This post has been out-dated as this cake was done 2 weeks ago.

It has been quite awhile since I last did a rabbit themed cake.

This time round I had decided to mould something different from the rabbit which I had done before. Love the cuteness of this cake.


I like the cleanliness and brightness of the cake.

As per request, rainbow and mushrooms are the birthday boy’s favorite, hence it was added to the cake.

The rainbow may seems easy, but it’s not! I spent quite a bit of time rolling out the string to equal thickness for each colour! As you can see, I still can seems to get them equal.

However, I do enjoy making this cake. Simple and nice.

Almond cookies

Those who have been following me knows that I used to own a cafe. It’s close now. However, a year ago, the most popular cookies in my cafe was the Almond Cookies. Do you miss them?

I will be taking orders for these goodies again, however there will be a limited quantity as I have limited resources.

PM me for the price and orders now!


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