Baking with Kefir water

As I mentioned in my previous post, I had started my kefir journey. I had been either drinking the kefir or using the kefir water to bake bread.

I love the bread make with kefir water, in fact, I think my whole family loves it.

The resulting bread is soft and the crumbs are good.

Will talk about it more in my next posting with a simple recipe.

Water Kefir

I had been hearing this “water kefir” term alot recently. People have been fermenting it to drink and it contains lots of probiotics as per what I read. 

What really interest me was the effect it has on bread making. I had seen beautiful bread made from this kefir water which make me decide to embark on this kefir journey.

Looking at the colour of the water, I have a feeling that this dtink is gonna be yucky or disgusting. But this thought has been over thrown ever since I tasted the 1st sip of it.

It was very tasty even without any flavouring. The original tasted like fizzy apple juice. While those with flavourings tasted refreshing! When I said flavourings, they are flavours from real fruits like passionfruits and strawberries etc. 

This makes me even more to want to embark on this journey.

This is my 1F water. Lots of air bubbles, but I need to find a skinny neck bottles to create the fizz….

Can’t wait to try the drink… and of course, using it for my bread making… 

Blackforest cake….again

Blackforest cake is one of my signature.

It was very last minute that my customer called me to order a cake for her nephew’s 21st birthday next day. 

It was lucky that I happened to plan to visit the baking grocery store after lunch and so I can quickly grab some ingredients for the order.

Here’s what I had for her by gathering what I had on hands:

This cake comes with a “21” silver topper which I did not put on for her as it’s not meant to be put in the fridge:

Hope she likes it…

Dessert Table

I had always wish to have an opportunity to create a dessert table and my opportunity came when my niece had decided to throw a 1st birthday party for her daughter.

Love the sweet pink theme.

The decoration were simple but I thought it was quite elegant.

Hope I can have more such opportunities to prepare a dessert table. It was tiring but with the amount of time given to me, it was manageable.

My 1st dessert table~~😍

Pokemon theme cake

The benefit of having a mom who can bake, is you get to choose the theme of your birthday cake. But mom gets to choose the flavours and decide on the frosting.

Because of that, my son who turned 6 last month, decided to make a request for a colourful cake with pokemon theme. 

The reason? His 5th years old cake:

His school promotes healthy eating, so I decided to give him a cream with minimal cream for his last birthday. He was happy because he got his Inside Out characters / theme but I think he feels a little disappointed for the colour.

He always see me making beautiful and colourful cake with fondant for my customers, but when it’s his turn, it was so dull… my bad. :p

So, for this year, I had decided to give him a more colourful cake with pokemon theme and a huge one:

All to the theme. And of course, he was very happy and satisfied. 😉

Squid Ink Pasta

I had fallen in love with the squid ink pasta from the restaurant. However, not every italian restaurant have squid ink pasta in their menu.

I had been searching every supermarket to see if they happen to carry any squid ink paste so that I can purchase to cook at home. Some online shop do carry it but it is very steep.

During a recent trip to Phoon Huat, I chanced upon the squid ink! But it was called cuttlefish ink instead. (Wondering if they are the same.)

Anyway, I was so happy and the price was quite affordable! Needless to say, I grabed a small bottle of 90g for $6.20.

Can’t wait, I used it to cook lunch for my family the very next day.

Mickey Mouse Chiffon cake

Recently, I got to come across the beautiful bakes from Susanne Ng ( She is a very talented baker and her chiffon cakes were beautiful and creative.

My son’s birthday is around the corner. We had an early celebration with him and decided to prepare one of her creation for him.

It wasn’t as nicely done as hers. I do not have a suitable mould for the head. I used a bigger bowl and hence the batter was not enough to create a taller and rounder head. (Luckily my son was quite forgiving for the head. :p)

The black was using bamboo charcoal powder and the red was created using beetroot puree and a little red colouring. 

I thought this combination was quite healthy as the colourings were from natural sources. 

I love the beetroot colour.