Chiffon cake & Lemon cupcakes

Hi All,

 My appologies for not able to update this web constantly. As I’ve started to join back the work force, time is not enough, but baking is still my passion, hence, I will always try to bake weekly during weekends.

Over the week, I’ve baked some Chocolate Chips Chiffon cake & Lemon Cupcakes with Cream cheese frosting and strawberry.

The Chiffon cake is a great success!! The cake is very, very soft and the texture was good.

The Lemon CUpcakes were great too as they were not too sweet and the refreshing taste of lemon make it more tasty and less buttery. It was a great choice for people who doesn’t like sweet cupcakes.

To view the pictures of the above mentioned, pls visit my flickr album which can be found at the side of the page. Enjoy!


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