Parent & Child Gingerbread Decoration Workshop

Christmas will be here very soon…. What are the things to do in Christmas which also the school holidays? I’m thinking of something interesting, a project to do with my children and the Gingerbread House came into my mind.

I am thinking of organising the above (Parent & Child Gingerbread Decoration Workshop) during the Nov/Dec Holiday. This is just a small project where mother / father will join forces with their children to complete this project of Building and decorating the Gingerbread house. More information will be release later.

Interested parents / child, please contact me so that I can keep you in the loop when I release more information and also depending on the no. of interested pair, I will decide more later. Most likely, it will be a weekend class unless requested. Do contact me soon!! 🙂


One thought on “Parent & Child Gingerbread Decoration Workshop

  1. hi vanessa, will you be doing this class/workshop in your home? wanna work with me at Chef’s Secrets? Am looking for more trainers to come and teach there. I will advertise for you too!

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