Ok, here is what I promised….. The picture of my Cinderella Doll Cake for my 2nd R…..


This was a four layer cake with 3 flavours. Chocolate, Buttermilk and the usual Butter cake. This was enough for more than 20 kids! And there were left over!

On top of this cake, I’d also prepared a Cinderella Themed Cupcakes and they were the Glass Slippers….


I’d placed every cupcakes in a special cups which I found and these were for the children to bring home instead of those goodie bags as I’m lazy to scout around for goodie bags. 😛

Here’s another closer up of the slipper. I hope it does look like glass slippers or rather, at least heels. 😛


For the success of this Glass Slipper, I would like to thanks Mongs for her guidance in helping me to make this Glass Slippers. I had initial failure, but after seeking her advice through email, I’ve managed to successfully created this for her birthday.


4 thoughts on “Promised

  1. I love your Cinderella cake. I will need to learn how to make it and convert it to a Sleeping Beauty cake. Even though my daughter is 18(!) she still loves Sleeping Beauty. I already have plans to purchase the DVD when it comes out again in October. I’ll keep coming back to your site to learn a thing or two. Thank you for sharing.

  2. It is great job on the slippers!!! You could understand what I was trying to explain on email.

    Lovely! So why do you need to do Course 1 when you can do this?

  3. Thanks Meng Choo! I need to do Course 1 as I think my skills are not professional enough. There are some knowledge I’m missing.
    In fact, I’m more interested in course 2 & 3 with roses and fondant, but I will need course 1 in order to go to Course 2 & 3, plus, I only know how to pipe starts and shells, yet to figure out how to pipe flowers and rope. 😛

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