I’ve been awarded!!

I’m very surprised!!! Ever since I’ve started blogging, I had never receive any awards and I guess maybe my blog and bake wasn’t that fantastic and I don’t have much “friends” in this “line”.

Ok, ah hem…here’s my thank note… I must thank Teresa who had given me this award for thinking highly of my Cinderalla Doll cake. Teresa, I’m sure you can do an excellent job on the Sleeping Beauty Project. šŸ™‚

I have to pass this award to another 5 blogger, this is how the award works, hence I would like to pass this award to:

Aunty Yochana who had a blog full of wonderful goodies and generosity in sharing her recipe.

Eunice, I’m sure she had already received plenty of this kind ofĀ award, but I would just like to award to her for sharingĀ her recipe and wonderful blog.

Rachel @ Dominique’s Desk,Ā although this blog is not relaly food related, but her blog are full of wonderful information on childcaring and disciplinary. I’veĀ learnt alot from her.

Another personĀ / blog would beĀ Meng Choo.. She had wonderful bakes with amazing decoration.Ā Another person who is very generous in sharing her skills and knowledge.

The last personĀ that I would like to award this to is… FlorenceĀ @ Do What IĀ Like…. I love her blog, full of wonderful pictures, recipe and knowledge.

That’s all forĀ the award. Ladies,Ā you have to re-award this award to another 5 persons…..


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