Gingerbread House & Carrot Muffins…..

Over the weekend, I had done a Gingerbread house with my 2Rs and carrot muffins by myself.

The Gingerbread was baked last week, but as I do not have the time to build up and decorate it as well as preparing the royal icing, it was put on hold till last Sat.

Yes, I know, it doesn’t have a bit of Christmas Atmosphere, but maybe the mood wasn’t there 😛 I was actually quite tired and this was done at nite, hence my brain was off. Also, my purpose was to let my gals enjoy decorating and playing with royal icing, I didn’t bother much abt the decoration 😛 / “Atmosphere”. 1st R wanted to paint the house purple, she loves purple, so we got the house painted. More can be done, but it was late, hence I had made it simple.

After going through this, I’ve decided that for my workshop, I will provide the already baked cookies (gingerbread house walls) and other decorating ingredients. I will demostrate the preparation of the gingerbread house so that you can do it when you are home. Then the “building & Construction” of the gingerbread house will be done at the workshop. This will takes lots of time as we need time for the drying and decoration. The whole purpose of the workshop is for parent-child to enjoy the bonding time, the time they share to build this project, so that over the years, you will have something to share and tell your child when they had grown up.

Yesterday, I’ve decided to bake some plain cakes for them today as breakfast / tea break….hence…. I’ve found this recipe….CARROT MUFFINS!! It’s healthy as it uses carrots and walnuts…. natural ingredients….Here’s the bake:



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