Princess Celebration

Last Sunday, I celebrated my eldest daughter’s birthday. She had a wonderful time! It was her wish to have a princess themed party, hence I promised her a 2 tier castle cake. It was a challenge to me, this was the 1st time I’m going to build up a big castle cake. The last time I did a 2 tier cake wasn’t too nice as the fondant on the cake wasn’t smooth enough.

Hope I did a good job this time:

The top layer of this cake was Chocolate Pound Cake and the base is Nutella Chocolate cake which contains nuts. There were people who likes the chocolate cake and some likes the nutella cake. In all, it’s a success… the right height and the right texture.

A closed up:

The assembling of this castle wasn’t easy. In Singapore, the weather is very humid, especially when it’s about to rain and when I was preparing to roll the fondant to decorate the cake, the wetaher turned from sunny to humid and gloomy šŸ˜¦ Tried very hard to do it, but the weather was really too humid to let the fondant “behave”. No choice, I had to switch on the air con in the living room to make the air dry so that the fondant will “behave”. Indeed, the fondant was much easier to handle after I on the air con and everything went smoothly.


One thought on “Princess Celebration

  1. Vanessa, this cake is so pretty. Excellent job my friend. What little girl (or big one for that matter) wouldn’t like a cake like this. It puts a smile on your face. It did on mine.

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