Mickey Mouse & Dora The Explorer

Today, I had baked 2 cakes for a friend. I woke up early in the morning at 7am to start baking in case I couldn’t make it on time for my friend. With the help of my friend, I’m able to complete it together with decoration on time and had time to go for a short swim and relaxation with my friend.

Here’s the cakes, please feel free to give me your comments.

Mickey Mouse Front:

Side View of it. Quite proud of it with the design as the design was thought out to cover the flop at the side. 😛 But think still can see the untidiness of it.

And here, the Dora The Explorer:

As you can see, the Dora was printed out from PC and on Photopaper. Can’t get the figurine, hence thought of this method to do it.


3 thoughts on “Mickey Mouse & Dora The Explorer

  1. wah, I thought you are going to pipe out./trace the Dora picture too. 🙂 too much detailing work. I like your Mickey Mouse one. Very good. Mickey is literally smiling cheek to cheek. I like your hidden mickey icons on the side of the cake..very clever!! good job

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