Pooh Bear & Piglet

I had this friend of mine, asking for a Pooh Bear cake for her gal’s birthday party. This was what I did….

I had tried very hard to find a nice picture which is different from other cake which I had done and this was the picture I did. Pooh and Piglet admiring a flower. I was supposed to draw the flowers at the side which I had done it before, but so sorry that I had missed out that details. I thought kids would love chocolates, cos when I was a child, I never like plain white colour cake. Even a tiny winy bits of chocolate at the side would make me happy even though the more the merrier.

However, I should pay more attention to my design and needs the next time.

There’s another additional cupcakes…. my bad again…. too plain… should have uses different colours to bring out the pooh themed….. really disappointed with my design 😦 I need new inspiration!

But I quite like this design:

W, I had taken note of your points and will improve it the next time. Thanks for your feedback.


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