Expensive Pooh Cake

This pooh cakes cost me $100+ and lots of pain! The most expensive cake I’ve ever made!

I was asked to produce this cake very last minute. I’m suppose to get it ready by evening and I’ve only got time to do it in the same morning. Everything was so rushed. The story goes like this:

While I was decorating the cake (it was almost done already), my little gal woke up during her nap who had only slept for 30 minutes and was very cranky. So, since it’s almost done, I’ve decided to place the cake back to the fridge and come back to it later after I had attended to her needs first. This was where the disaster… while I opened the fridge, left hand holding the cake and right hand opening the door, my stainless steel Kenwood mixing bowl was sitting inside with the whipped cream in it, hence I had to remove it to make space for the cake. While I was pulling the bowl out of the fridge, my little gal came in from my left and in order to protect the cake from her head, hands and hair, I dropped the mixing bowl on the floor! It caused a dent in the latch and now it can’t be latched onto my Kenwood machine! This is the 2nd time I dropped the bowl! The last time I dropped it and got this as replacement which cost me $150! Now, I have to get a new one again! The bowl did not hit the floor directly and here was where the pain…it dropped and hit my big toe before it hit the floor! Gosh! Blue blacken toe and a painful heart.

Here’s the “expensive” cake I’m talking abt:

Haha, while writing this post, and posting the photo, it seems like the pooh is smiling and laughing at me for my carelessness…….

Something different for the side also:

Went round it with ribbon.


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