Preparing for the Challenge

For those who had frequent my blog, will know that I had signed up for the Mayer’s Kids Baking Challenge to have fun with my eldest daughter.

We had started preparing for it only a week before the date as we got to know the challenge later. Initially, we were asked to decorate 2 cupcakes, hence this was what we had thought of before hand:

As we were told that no pre-preparation was allow, including fondant, the present you seen above was cut out from the cake and cover with buttercream icing. Apparently, the information we got were wrong! During the challenge, the other contestants were using already moulded fondant figurines as their decoration! Also, the decoration they used on the cupcakes were definitely more than the extra money we could spend on buying additional ingredients which include colourings and decoration!

Anyway, during the challenge, we were asked to decorate 4 cupcakes instead of the previously told 2 cupcakes, hence I had to come up with another 2 more designs. As we were running out of time during the challenge, these were what I’ve done for the challenge. Hard work from my eldest daughter and me:

I had especially loved the way I decorate the serving plates.  :p

We came in 6th with these cupcakes. They were the Ultimate Butter Cake with the Xmas design. Though we came in 6th, but I rather I came in last as the prizes were much more attractive (Cookbook and bakeware) than the prize I’ve gotten ($50 Handphone Voucher).


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