Special cake for a special person

It had been a busy day for me today. We are celebrating my little gal’s 2nd birthday today and I’ve baked her a special cake, Passionfruit Merringue Mousse cake.

I’ve tried this cake before about 2 years back and I had actually got addicted to it and went to buy that cake to just eat it for no occassion. It wasn’t chep though.

2 days back, since I had some egg white left over from my cookies baking class and mango mousse cake, I’ve decided to try to prepare the merringue again. I did a trial 2 years back but it wasn’t successful and since then I did not try until 2 days back.
It was a success! The merringue dried and cracked and it was soooooo light. The last time I did was the merringue was sicky and the sugar oozed out from the shell. I’m so happy it was a success….

I’ve followed DO WHAT I LIKE’s blog and replaced the sponge cake to merringue. It was very nice and not so sweet, everything was a perfect. Look at this…..

Isn’t it tempting? The one on the left is the Passionfruit Merringue Cake. There are Strawberries and mango sandwiched in between 2 different layers.

As my gals are all sick, I didn’t allow them to take this merringue mousse and did them a back to basic plain chocolate sponge cake….. with pooh bear & tigger topper on the cake….

They loved it too!


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