Finally, the day have come~~

Remember the wedding couple figurine which I had prepared for my friend? They were finally used on the tier cake last night!

Here they are, standing gracefully at the top of the cake (Sorry, picture not very clear, took with my 5MP HP :P):

The little pearls were “glued” to the cake beads by beads carefully. This layer was a faked layer as it’s foam inside.

The “bride” was the 2nd bride I’ve made for this event. The 1st time I did it, the “bride” was basically flat at the front and wasn’t standing straight, so I did a “repair” and got what you had seen in my previous post. The busts were definitely bigger, but her head and body seems to be tilting to 1 side and of course, due to the repair and frequent handling, the dress was no longer white. Hence, I’ve decided to re-do the whole “bride” from head to toes 2 days before the assembly and hoping that I can do a better job. Indeed, a better job. A bigger busts, straighter body & head, neater hairstyle and more elegant look. Thank God too, the “Groom” managed to stand up straight and the arms managed to “glue” properly in place.

The whole 3-tiers cake looked like this:



And that’s me with my cake:

Don’t be mistaken, I’m not pregnant! Gosh, I’m so ulgy in the photo.

I didn’t have time to take nice photos as I was rushing late! I’ve only managed to complete stacking the cake at 7pm when the cocktails just started. Hence, everything was in a rush and I hoped his photographer did help me to take some nice photos. 😛

Last but not least, I wish the newly-wed a blessed and blissful wedding!


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