Fulfilling Day!

Yes, I know, I’m supposed to post more of my CNY bake, but what happened was the bakes were eaten up faster than I have the time to take the photos for them!

However, yesterday I think was the most fulfilling day for me after the CNY. I did a total of 4 cakes. 2 9″ Blackforest cake, 1 Strawberry mousse cake and a 10 x 20″ Chocolate Butter cake!

Alas! I’ve forgotten to take the photos of the blackforest cake!!! But never mind, here are the photos for the strawberry mousse cake


The layer of the strawberry mousse cake….

And, here’s the 10 x 20″ chocolate butter cake with an elephant fondant figurine on top!


This cake had 2 flavours in fact, one is with hazelnuts and one is plain chocolate butter cake. I had actually managed to try bits of it and it was really yummy in my opinion.

The elephant figurine was only given abt 2 days to dry and it did dry quite well but when I placed it on the cake, the weather turned humid and turned the figurine soft and the ears kept falling off. Hence during transportation, I removed the elephant from the cake and used the travelling time to blast it with air con in the car. Luckily it managed to dry in time and was safely delivered to the party. Hoped it’s not too childish for a 21st birthday girl 😛


3 thoughts on “Fulfilling Day!

  1. Hi vanessa!

    No its not too childish for her. The birthday girl loved it! Even i thought it was better than i imagined. The guests kept asking where we had the cake done.

    So if anyone would want to have a custom cake, i would refer them to you for sure. thank you so so much for the effort. Like i’ve said before, you made her very happy and I thank you for that.

    Till next time.


    • Hi Shafiq,

      Thanks for your comment. They meant alot to me and I’m really glad the birthday girl loved it! 🙂


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