Cake Decoration Competition @ Radin Mas CC

I just came back from a Cake Decoration Competition held by Radin Mas Community Centre for their Community Day. I joined with my partner, Connie. We just thought of having fun decorating the cake and having the exposure of competition of it. But a surprise came to us when we got the 1st prize.  Here’s our presentation:

 The side of the cake, we created some hills, clouds and birds. Can you see what they are having for their pinic? Sandwich, burger, hotdog bun and 2 cups of water. There’s the pinic basket there.

 We also printed the backdrop from the internet and put it behind to make it feel more 3D.

All the fondant figurines were done a day before the competition.

Those competitors kept saying we were pro, so they kind of sounded unfair to them, but I don’t really agreed. Firstly, we are not pro, we are just hobbist and because it’s our interest, we explore and learn from all medias. Secondly, I would say we came prepared. We were not given a theme to work on, we just try to figure out what to design and came this design. Hence, with a design and plan on hands, we are well prepared so we are able to perform better.

Hmm, we shall named this as Ms Aibigail suggested….. “A Blissful Pinic”


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