Hello Kitty

I’m in the mist of preparing my gal’s birthday cake. She had been reminding me of her cake since the beginning of the month and me too, had been asking her what character cake would she like to have. Initially, she wanted a Dora, the explorer cupcakes with Boots, Backpack and Map, but after a few days, she decided for a Dibo, the Gift Dragon and now, when I asked her for her final decision (yes, it did sounds like the “who wants to be a millionaire” show), she said she wanted a Hello Kitty cake and that’s her final decision. So, I’ve got it “locked in”.

As I have another cake to do on the same day, cos that boy is having the same birthday as her! I am doing as much preparation work as I could in order for me to complete 2 cakes, 1 3D Lightning Mcqueen, 1 2-tiered Hello Kitty cake and 22 Lightning Mcqueen Cupcakes!

Here’s the Hello Kitty Topper which I had hand moulded it myself for her cake:

Ok, I shall not claim all the credits…haha, my friend did help me on the kitty and the presents are done by her. Somehow,  I feel the kitty don’t look like Hello Kitty at all….

Any Kitty fans out there who can help?

This figurines will be place on the top tiered of her cake.


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