The weekend just past had been a busy one for me. I had 2 big cakes to fulfill, 1 is a Car track for the birthday boy to put his cars on it and the other one is for a sweet little girl’s Alice in Wonderland theme party.

The car track measures 10″x 20″ and I think it’s about 4.5″ height. It’s a very heavy cake and the cake was madeira cake. The cake was filled with chucks of fresh strawberries.

The track was done with Chocolate Fondant. It taste very chocolatey and yummy, much better than normal white fondant… and not as sweet in my opinion.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce my friend, Connie, to you! She had joined me in my recent cake ventures and helped me with all the designs and baking………

She’s the lady behind the cake! She was helping me with the preparation of the fondant while I took this photo. It’s a snap shot of her without her noticing. 😛

Let’s Welcome her together!!!

I would like to give credit to someone else also, and that’s Meng Choo for sharing her yummy and not so sweet buttercream icing recipe with me. Thank you!


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