Mad Hatter’s Hat Cake

As for the Mad Hatter’s Hat, this cake was about 7-8″ high with alternate cake flavour of Madiera cake and Chocolate Butter Cake. The challenging part was to create the teapot. We tried to be creative, we used a “milk ball” cake as the body of the teapot.

Why milk ball? Because instead of Rum or other alcohol to mix the cake crumbs, we used milk as it’s meant for children. But we had forgotten something, milk is liquid and it’s the “enemy” for fondant!

I woke up the next morning, stressed to see that my handle came off the teapot and the whole teapot “cracked” and soft and looked ulgy! Initially, I thought of just re-doing a smaller handle so that it can hold in place, but while I was making it, then I remembered that the “milk ball” contains milk! I had to quickly removed the teapot and re-do a new teapot with 100% fondant. Luckily I did not throw away the royal icing which I had prepared the nite before.

The new teapot looked much nicer, neater and more elegant now when it’s all dry. I had the whole cake blasted with full blown aircon in the room till delivering.

These pictures were the “old” teapot and I forget to take the photo of the new teapot 😛

I would like to give credit also for this cake. I didn’t come out with this design, it’s the mother of the birthday gal. Thanks A for helping in brainstorming for this cake design. 🙂


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