Happy 6th Birthday!

It’s my eldest gal birthday. We were supposed to have a birthday party for her, but since we went for Japan trip last month, we decided to use that as her advance birthday trip, hence there won’t be any party.

However, birthday is a time where children enjoyed the most with nice cake and great fun. So, I had baked her a cake for her to bring to school to share her joy with her classmates.

We had a discussion on the cake on how to design it, she threw in her ideas and she wanted a 2-tiered cake. Her class is very small only, only 18 students and probably 20 pax including the teachers, hence to make a 2-tier cake seems too much for her, however, I still baked it for her, a 2 tiered cake.

Here’s the cake and the decoration and design are from her:

Top of it:

I think I did the writing badly. It’s so ulgy. 😛 There’s a distorted patch, it was due to an “accident” when I placed the figurines on top.

These figurines were from Japan. Found it to be very nice when I was in Japan, hence asked her if she wants it for her birthday cake.

Hope she like the cake and hope that she have a blessed and joyous birthday.

Gal, be a good girl and behave yourself, you are a big gal now!


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