Animals & Ocean Theme

This cake is a very special one and personally, I like it very much!

This cake is for my friend’s son whose birthday is just 1 day before my youngest girl. I can still remember the both of us staying in the same hopsital and me visiting her when she gave birth to her son 1 day earlier than mine while I’m in the hospital after delivery. She can’t walk then, because she was having a ceasaran birth hence, I can visit her on my 2nd day.

She said her son likes all sort of animals and ocean creatures, hence after much thoughts, this was the tiered cake I did for him:

This little frog, my maid told me she thought it was a snake, can someone tell me otherwise? Kekeke:


And these elephants were all fresh cream, 3 elephants stands for 3 years old. 🙂

In fact, this whole cake are make of fresh cream and I hope you can see that the bottom tier will be the pond with frogs on top and the top tier, the forest.

Happy Birthday, Lele!


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