Finally, it’s over~

I had been busy with my little gal’s birthday party in the mist of running to and fro hospital due to my father’s illness. It was a blessing that he had managed to attend her birthday party in time although he can’t eat all the food that I had catered.

Anyway, as I’ve mentioned before, she asked for a Super Sleuth theme cake, but I had just managed to mould the pooh and others without their Super Sleuth uniform, but managed to add buster into the scene. Here’s  a 2-tiered cake:


And weather had not been good to me, it’s a humid Saturday! My fondant turns soft easily and was sticky! I had to on the air con to do the rolling and decoration of the cake. Still, my fondant did not behave well, hence you may be able to see a little damage on the cake due to the softness of the fondant.

Overall, the cake was good. The top layer was a Coffee Rum cake (trial recipe which didn’t turn out to be good), and the bottom layer was chocolate and Butter cake (Nice!) . On top of this cake, I also had 2 logs of Tiramisu logcake prepared for my guests. These cakes were all prepared on the same day!

Happy birthday to my little darling! May you grow healthily and happily! 🙂


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