May all dreams comes true!!

Christmas is around the corner! Festive moods have been kicking in and orders of logcakes have been pouring in for me, especially the last few days before xmas. Year end is also coming, very soon, it’s will be the last day of 2009. Let’s looked back at 2009:

During this year, I had attended a few classes, meant many new friends, had a business venture on baking accessories, went for a trip to Japan, done more figurines moulding, conducted a few classes, set-up my website for Baker’s Dreams, purchased more equipments and tools for baking and started a new full time job.

It had been a fruitful year for me. For 2010, I hope my business will prospers be it Baker’s Dreams or 3Rs Bakes & Cupcakes and also hope I am able to take a diploma course in the near future.

Taking this opportunity, I would like to thanks everyone for your year long support and giving me the support to move on with 3Rs Bakes & Cupcakes. I hope 2010 will be a better one for everyone of us and May all your wishes/dreams comes true!


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