Buying Experience at Baking supplies shop

Today, I had a bad experience buying some ingredients from the most re-known bakery supplies store in town.

One of my friend requested me to bake a sugar-free cake which is suitable for diabetic. I remembered last year, when I was told to bake this cake, I went to the same place to get a kind of sugar substitute which was to replace the use of our normal sugar with this. I can still remembered, when I purchased this sugar last year, the person still reminded me that this sugar is for diabetic person and not normal sugar, hence this year, I had purposely went all the way from West to town to purchase the same sugar from her again.

I can’t find the sugar (can’t remember the name) which I bought last year, but found something called Fruit Lactone written on the outside of a packet of sugar-like substances. Looking at the name, I presummed that is another kind of sugar which was supposed to be suitable for diabetic, but to reassure, I had asked the old man who was at the counter. I was taken by his attitude! I asked him if this is the sugar substitute which is suitable for diabetic, he answered me in an unmannered way (at least that’s how I feel) and as he walked away with that sugar in his hand, he “told” me don’t anyhow take, we are selling baking items, not diabetic items. I may be too sensitive with his reaction, but I really don’t feel good. I mean, can’t he just answered me properly that he is not sure? His reaction is like scolding me.

Later, when he called another woman, whom is more familiar with the ingredients and for your info, she was the one who reminded me that the sugar I bought last year was a sugar substitute, hence I asked her again if she had any sugar substitute, this old man beside her, kept telling her in a dialect, which I don’t quite understand, but only certain words, hence I understand that he told this woman not to tell me anything, so she told me they never sell this type of sugar before. I was really pissed. I felt like they are not helpful at all!

And also, did I mention the old man told me the fruit lactone is for making soy beancurd!! I was surprised!!

Anyway, sorry for the long story, but I think this will be my very last trip to that place again!! Gina, please stock up all the items they have!! I rather go all the way to Kallang than to go there, ARGH!!!!


6 thoughts on “Buying Experience at Baking supplies shop

    • Yes, I’m sure you know. My friend told me about her experience there also and though she loves to shop at those bakery supplies shops, she will never step in there anymore even though she’s nearby.

  1. Vanessa, thanks for the tip for my store. I found out about the diabetic sugar to use. There is a shop near mine called Cosway. They sell health products. The sugar is called Isomalt. Its packed in a large container which instructions on how to use the sugar with beverages, cooking or baking. About that place you mentioned, I think many people get a full earful from the owner. I know I kena a few times until she found out who I was, then she was more polite. šŸ™‚

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