Kueh Bangkit

Finally, it’s time of the year again! Lunar new year is around the corner and I will be busy baking and preparing all the goodies for my guests when they come to visit us during the new year as well as cleaning up the house known as “spring Cleaning”.

My favourite new year goodies are Kueh Bangkit and mini hei bee hiam spring roll. Hence I”m starting to bake Kueh Bangkit now.

I’ve tried many recipes and all does not turn out to be crunchy and melt in the mouth. However, this year, I finally had the chance to try the recipe from Kitchen Capers and it was a success for a crunchy and mel-in-the-mouth tecture. The original recipe can be located here while the below recipe, I did some modification to the original recipe:


250g Fried Tapioca flour

150g Fried Sago Flour

150ml Coconut Milk

130g Sugar

2 Egg Yolks


1. Beat Egg Yolk with sugar till sugar dissolves

2. Add Coconut Milk to mix.

3. Add flour to mix till it can form a dough

4. Roll dough on a floured table and use cookie cutters to cut into shapes.

5. Baked in preheated oven of 170C for 20 to 25mins

6. Cool completely before storing in air tight jar.

* I baked the flour instead of frying it. I baked the flour in preheated oven of 160C for 25 – 30 mins, stirring it every 10 mins with cut pandan leaf.

* Note the measurement for the flour is measured after baked / fried.

And here’s the end products:

Happy New Year!!!


3 thoughts on “Kueh Bangkit

  1. Vanessa, its my late ah ma’s recipe. Which she used to teach her daughters to do it. Only my mom was able to achieve that melt in the mouth KBB. Her sisters all failed. My mom said its not the easiest cookie to learn to make. Good for you..!

  2. Gina, my mum said it’s not good enough, cos the 1st bite is still abit hard, but the melt in the mouth texture after that still ok nia… Guess I’ve just got to keep trying.

  3. HI, im Cas, im looking for a pooh bear cake for my dearest birthday. do u sell the pooh cake which was published in your blog? can i order one? waiting for your reply. thanks alot.

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