Bakes Over the weekend

I had a busy weekend baking my own birthday cake, my friend’s request of birthday cake and 1 batch of cookies. All these were done on my birthday itself and I really enjoyed it alot!


This was the cake for a 3 generation celebration. It was ordered by my friend for her family. Decorated with fruits for the 1st and 2nd generation and the cars are for the 3rd generation, so there’s something for each generation on the cake. 🙂


This is my first time attempting a bag cake. I choose a Channel bag as it’s the easiest to decorate with the amount of time I have for myself. Wanted to do a LV bag, but the logo will kill me and not to mention I still have so many things to do on that day.The chanel logo I did for myself on my “Chanel bag”. Not quite good yet.


These cookies were done by my sister for an event next week. I’ve only helped out with the pink cuppy and the red shoes, the rest were done by her.



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