Castle Cake

It’s once a year event again!! My girl’s birthday in July!! 2 years ago, I did a castle cake for her sister’s birthday party and she was so jealous and envious of her sister then. I told her that I will do her a castle cake when she reached her sister’s age where she could have a “big” party to have the castle cake for her.

So this year, as promised, she requested a castle cake. Her class is very small, only 15 students in her class, hence I’ve requested the school to combine her sister’s class with her’s to make up about 40 students and celebrate her birthday together since her little sister’s birthday will be in Dec and there is no school then.

This castle cake took me 1 week to prepare and on the actual day, it took be 7 hrs from baking to decorating and completion of the whole cake.

Instead of the usual pink I did, which I think I’ve been doing lots of pink cakes from them, I told her for a difference, we will use lilac and purple for the castle. And so we did. But maybe due to the lighting of my room, the cake looks greyish from the photo.

By the way, this cake was designed by her. She wanted the princesses photos on the side of the cake which made me hunted high and low for a printer who could help me to print the images in such a short notice. Hence, would specially thanks EL for helping out and MC for giving me the contact.

And she decides where to put these princesses and the heart-shaped door:

Overall, I think she had enjoyed her birthday very much with her classmates and schoolmates in school.

On her actual birthday, I’d decided to bake her another cake for our family. This time round, she asked for a Dora cake, hence I did a simple 2D Dora cake for our family as we were rushing out to celebrate her birthday for her:

Happy Birthday, my darling!!


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