Tiara Cake

It’s once a year event again, my eldest gal’s birthday!!

We had organised a party for her to invite her friends to celebrate her birthday with her, I had to plan for her cake for her day. We took quite a few days to decide on the theme. She wanted a princess or a fairy tales theme, but I’m getting bored with princess theme and she already had her princcess cake 2 years ago and fairy tales are almost the same as princesses, so I’ve came up with a tiara cake which she agreed to it.

The tiara design was copied from the internet googgle search and it was made using fondant a few days before the party. The cake was a mango filling sponge cake as exam was around the corner hence I do not want to do a chocolate cake for her which is her favourite.

As this was a fresh cream cake, which means refridgeration is required, I wasn’t able to put all the decoration on top till the cake was about to serve. I had first creamed the cake with a base coat the day before the party and on the day, right before the cake was needed, I stacked up the cake and place all the necessary fondant decorations on, including the tiara.

Just a note to mention, the design was done by the birthday gal herself with the help of my sister.


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