Last Birthday celebration for the year!

We had just celebrated the last birthday for the year 2010. It was my youngest girl’s birthday and we had done a “small” celebration for her with our family members and 1 family which she indicately wants to invite.

We had a BBQ session for her. We started the fire since 4.30pm but think the charcoal were too humid, we were not able to get the fire started. We had only managed the get the fire started around 7pm. What a record breaking!

As for the cake, since it’s a “small” celebration (about 30pax including children) and most of my family members preferred sponge cake, I did a mango sponge for her again. As for the design, she had been asking for Dora and Boots cake since the begining of the year, hence I can’t find any excuse to reject her although Boots is quite a difficult character to draw due to the fine lines. However, to make things even more difficult for me, she requested a christmas tree with star to be placed next to the 2 characters!!

Well, it was lucky me to have found such picture on the website and copied it to the cake. Here how it looks like:

On top of all the preparation for the BBQ, I also managed to make another Tiramisu cake scheduled to due on the same day as well. Here’s a 8″ Tiramisu:


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