Last bake for 2010

Yes, I know, I’ve posted that the Dora cake will be the last cake for the year and birthday celebration in my previous post, but how can I reject my grand niece when she had asked me for a Cinderella cake for her birthday which was 3 weeks away from my gal’s birthday??

Well, to keep the design simple, I’ve decided to do her a 3D barbie doll (supposed to be Cinderella, but my gals all said it looked like Barbie doll even though it’s dressed in Cinderella’s clothes, I think it’s due to the hairstyle), I thought this would be an easier task than drawing the Cinderella image on a round cake as drawing takes times, effort and lots of details work in coloring etc. But I was wrong, this is more difficult than drawing on the cake as this will take more time to bake the cakes as it needed many layers of the cake in order to build up the skirt for this tall barbie.

Well, effort not lost afterall, this cake was well received by the birthday gal, and also it was enough to share with all the guests and it was well received too! That’s the most grateful thing being a “baker”. 🙂

In my opinion, it’s not very well done, as it was done with fresh cream, the cream were not smooth enough to be perfect. Still got lots of room for improvement. And gosh, this cake can served up to about 40 pax and I was suprised!

PS: Pardon me for the lighting of this photo, it was taken by my iphone camera hence the lighting wasn’t that good.


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