I’m back!!

Hi all, I’m back!! It’s been a long time since I last updated this blog of mine. I was away for my last tri of my pregnancy and my maternity. Now that I’m more or less settled with my newborn, I hope I can slowly get back to my baking as well as updating of this blog space.
Before I gave birth, I actually had done another set of golf theme cupcakes. That was the first time I did a golf theme and not knowing the sport well, the design was a bit plain and not up to my expectation.

On top of that, I also did another big Mango sponge cake for my long lost friend. She contacted me for her boy’s 1st birthday a few months before the delivery date, and being my long long primary school mate, I’ve decided to do it for her as well since her design was also something I like to attempt very much.
It’s a barnyard designs with fondant figurines of animals.

The dog, ducks, pig, cows and barnyard were mould out of fondant, but the sheeps were piped out of fresh cream. The whole cake was a fresh cream mango cake, hence the fondant figurines were given to them separately and since they self collected the cake, they placed the figurines on the cake themselves when they reached the party venue.

The very recent cake which I did was an inspiration from the last cake I did in 2010, the Thomas Train cake. I was asked to follow the same design except to change the barney to Thomas and Percy to Thomas figurines as well. This was a 10″ chocolate based cake with buttercream.

That’s all for the moment and I hope I will have more to update in the near future. Having a newborn is really taking up a lot of my time. :p


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