Minnie mouse birthday party

I had been so busy recently, planning for my gal’s birthday party. For a start, she wanted a strawberry shortcake cake but as days goes by, she changed her mind and decided on a mickey mouse cake but specifically asking for Minnie mouse as she is a girl.

It was quite last minute and i will be preparing other stuffs to add on to the buffet spread we had already ordered, I have to come up with something simple and nice.

This is what I had decided for her:

It’s a fresh cream sponge cake with strawberries as filling. The minnie mouse was a chocolate piece which I had done for her. Also the minnie mouse logo beside was chocolate pieces as well.

The Minnie mouse chocolate piece did not withstand the heat. Next time I shall make it with a strong backing of chocolate.

I also did small little cups of tiramisu which is suitable as dessert after meal, but wasn’t able to take any photos as it was all taken up before I could do any shots.

For a change, instead of the usual magic shows, ballon twisting, clown performance or face painting, I did a cupcake decoration sessions for the kids to contribute as part of her cakes.

The kids enjoyed the session but I think I can do better next time with more decorations.
Here are some of the photos we took at her party:




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