3-in-1, Barney, Harold and Thomas

Busy, busy, busy! It’s the last weekend before the lunar new year arrives!! It has been a very busy week for me! Started from last week, I kicked off my project by molding the figurines, giving it ample time to settle and harden. I took a longer than usual time as in between all these preparations, I had to oversee my children’s work, meals, shopping for new year clothing etc.

I had to forsake my pineapple tarts making for this project, forgetting it wa the last weekend before the Chinese new year and time was running out for me. I had only managed to bake some kueh Bangkit, which is a must since it’s my favorite and green peas cookies.

All the sacrifices were for this cake:

Hope all the sacrifices were worth it for such cake and with this, I wish all my readers 龙年行大运,万事如意!

Happy Lunar New Year!!


2 thoughts on “3-in-1, Barney, Harold and Thomas

  1. Hi! I happen to chance upon your blog while searching online for more cake decorating ideas!

    I am really impressed with your bakes that you have shown on the blogsite – They all looked so beautiful!~ 🙂

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