Happy 1st birthday!!

It’s was a hectic week for me this week. I’m celebrating my son’s first birthday!!
I had started planning for his cake since like a month ago, hoping to create an unforgettable birthday cake for him on his first party.
It started off with a 3 tiers cake, with building blocks at the side and a boy figurine representing him trying to climb up the cake to reach the top tier. But this idea was put off as I’ve been doing tier cakes, abit bored with it already. I wanted to do something unique that i’ve never had the chance to attempt.
The number cake or his favourite character 3d cake? I’ve decided to choose 3D character cake with his favourite, Thomas the train after I’ve goggled through for ideas.
On top of that, I’m using this opportunity to create a little “dessert” table which I seldom had the chance to do it.

Lots of preparation and planning needs to do before the work actually takes place. Prepare as many thing as early as possible as I can only afford to take 1 day leave to prepare all these.
Here’s my cake:-


It doesn’t look quite abit like Thomas and this cake was too big for my party.

On top of this, I did 40cups of tiramisu and 60 shots of mango mousse meringue. I like the mango mousse but it takes me quite some time to do it.



Beside these, I had also prepared some biscuit for the children to decorate. The children had a great time doing it. Here is one of the cookies my gal decorated. It’s a smurf as she claimed.


The children had a great time!


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