No. 1 cake

It’s has been a busy month for me!! I had been baking every weekends to fulfill all the requirements and I even had to bake on weekdays as well on some occasion!

I had some spare time today to do up the photos for updates here and here I am, updating on what I’ve been busied for.

My colleague’s son 1st birthday, who is 3 months younger than my boy, she wanted a No. 1 cake with fondant and little rabbits “hopping” around on the cake. It’s quite a challenge for me as this will be the first time I’m going to cover a number cake with fondant. I’ve always wondered how other wonderful bakers had done it and I finally had a chance to try it myself.
The result was quite good, but I had to rope in my eldest girl to help me with the tidying of the fondant after I’ve placed the fondant on. I love the result of it.


The rabbits were quite cute though:



She had also wanted some building cubes with alphabets that make up her son’s name. But I don’t quite like the effect of these cubes. Hope to do better next time.


And here’s the combination of both cake and cubes.



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