Teddies cuppies

Next, was to prepare for my gal’s birthday. I had a hard time thinking what to bake for her. Hello kitty, princess, something girlish, etc are all on my list. When I asked her what she would like to have, she had ideas like fairy, Dora, bears from the teddy best museum we visited back in Korea…..

Ultimately, she wanted cupcakes so that she can save the trouble of cutting up the cakes for distribution as her celebration will be in school with her classmates. We had a common idea, teddy bears. So, guess it will be it. Teddy bear cupcakes.
I’ve come across a web page that gave me an idea of teddy bears in different position. They were easy to make too. Hence, I’ve adopted that idea and create my collections. These teddies were so cute.


Don’t you agree?

It was a weekday celebration, I had to bake and decorate these cupcakes after work and after my boy slept on a weekday before her birthday. These teddies kept me busy till 2am and from 7.00am to 10.30am the next morning. I slept only 3 hrs for these as I had to wake up at 5.45am to prepare my girls for school. Tiring but the effect was good.


I believe I can do better next time. 😉



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