Castle again

My little gal has been waiting for this. She is a year end baby and her birthday always fall during the school holidays. As such, she was not able to celebrate her birthday like her sisters, with her friend in school.

This year, being her last year in this school (kindergarten), I’ve decided to Let her have her birthday celebration very much earlier so that she can have her friends celebrating birthday with her.

I’ve drew a few designs for her to choose, all princess theme. 1 was the 3D princess cake, the other 2 were 2-tier cake, one with 2 turrets and the other was a castle motif at the side of the cake. She chose the one with turrets and here how it looks like:


I used her as the character for the castle and the turrets were made out of rice krispies.



And there’s a little pumpkin carriage motif at the side of the bottom tier.


Little bug and butterflies.


Well, it’s a simple cake and hope she likes her cake. Overall, I’m quite happy with the end results, of course it can be done better.

Ps:  I got the motif idea from


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