New shop in the east of Singapore!

Today, I’ve visited a bakery supplier shop in the east at macpherson, citimac building!
It’s a newly open shop which provides classes and Bakery supplies items to all the bakers.

They have quite a unique range of items such as spices from Indonesia and colorful cupcakes sprinkles and beautiful gumpastes flower for your wedding cake.

There is also a small coffee corners for you to rest and relax over a cup of coffee. Of course, they have Batista course available as well.

Quite a cosy place I would say. Tells me how you feel with these photos.





Just to mention, they carries Japanese bread flour! It’s was said to produce softer bread than normal bread flour.
I’ve purchased some to try out, will post feed back in my next post.

This shop is located at 605, Macpherson Road, Citimac, #01-18, Singapore 368239.

*note: I do not receive any benefits from doing this post although I do know the owner of this shop. Just helping him to create awareness and introducing a new hangout place for my followers.: )


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