Baguette & macarons

It’s been quite some times since i had last baked my baguette.

I used to bake my baguette in my studio and the baguettes turn out very nicely. However, in my recent try baking at home, the baguettes was not anything near those I had done before.

It was heavier and denser. I may need to try again with my stone.


These were done in my baguette tray.

As for the macarons, I am quite pleased with the texture. Smooth and light. This time round I did it using Italian Merringue method, one that I dread using but I did it this time.


These macarons were filled with Nutella as I am lazy to whip up any buttercream. They were so tasty!


Chewy and yet it doesn’t stick to your teeth.

Personally, I feel that the feets were not tall enough. I will try again soon!

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