MINECRAFT! MINECRAFT! It was a disaster for me!

This is the vefy first time attempting to create a minecraft cake.

Has been sourcing the web for ideas and inspiration but since it was my first attempt, I had decided to go for some “simple” design.


It was what I expect. I had planned to use chocolate ganache as the filling for the cake as well as the coating.
However, my first attempt to “build” the cake with different tones of squares, was a failure. The ganache oozed out inbetween the “grid”! Take a close look:


But, that was not all. The nightmare came when I woke up in the morning! Everything slide off the cake!

The name, the squares… and the fondant seems to be melting and green “liquid” was dripping down the cake!

I had no choice, I was working on the cake till 5am the day before and all my effort went down the drain. I had to re-do the decoration in the morning before my customer collect the cake. Time was pressing.

I scraped off the ganache and created the “soil” effect for the bottom instead of giving a smooth finishing and re-create the green grid and have a white backing instead of directly placing the square on the cake. And thank God, it wasn’t that bad then oozing green fondant and melting wordings.


The grid was smaller and much neater than previous.

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