Experience with Gum Paste topper

Fondant topper is a very “irritable” project for me, especially in Singapore where the weather is hot and humid. Most of the time, these toppers won’t stand upright for you (or rather, for me :p) without proper support.

I was tasked to produce a musical topper for a friend. As you know, musical topper have lots of thin lines and it can be very fragile. With these thin lines, I won’t be able to support them with stick or wires (personally, I dont’t like wire in my cake), unless I can dry this topper hard.

Hence, I decided to use gum paste. But with the humidity in our weather, even with gum paste, the “monogram” couldn’t be dry hard enough to stay upright!

I had to seek online help. I managed to find from cakecentral.com on how to dry your gum paste fast and hard.

The trick is…… to pop your topper into the lighted oven (I mean on the light in your oven, not heated) overnight. It’s just so simple… and I did it… the next morning, I was so happy. My topper was dried hard and firm!

Not sure if you can see clearly the musical heart shaped topper “standing” up firm…

I was quite satisfied with the result though.
Note: The cake was not done by me and the topper design was taken off from one of the pinterest post.


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