Water Kefir

I had been hearing this “water kefir” term alot recently. People have been fermenting it to drink and it contains lots of probiotics as per what I read. 

What really interest me was the effect it has on bread making. I had seen beautiful bread made from this kefir water which make me decide to embark on this kefir journey.

Looking at the colour of the water, I have a feeling that this dtink is gonna be yucky or disgusting. But this thought has been over thrown ever since I tasted the 1st sip of it.

It was very tasty even without any flavouring. The original tasted like fizzy apple juice. While those with flavourings tasted refreshing! When I said flavourings, they are flavours from real fruits like passionfruits and strawberries etc. 

This makes me even more to want to embark on this journey.

This is my 1F water. Lots of air bubbles, but I need to find a skinny neck bottles to create the fizz….

Can’t wait to try the drink… and of course, using it for my bread making… 


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