I’m sure many home bakers out there have phobia with making crossiants at home with butter and I’m not talking about using pastry margarine, dry butter with 84% fats content!

It’s just like my macarons, failed many times trying to produce my dream crumbs crossiants. How much hard worked was put in in the rolling and folding of the dough have been in vain?

Today, I had decided to over come this. Hence, I spent my whole Saturday attending the Basic Crossiant Class at Bakerz@work Academy taught by Chef Kel.

The concept and method were clearly explained in the class. It makes me understands better of my failure. Though my crossiants were still not perfect in class, but I’m sure by knowing where I’ve gone wrong and understanding the new concept, with practise, I am able to achieve a good layering of a crossiant.

Here’s my “achievements” in the class:

This was done by Chef Kel with the sheeter machine. Look at the perfect layering…

This was 1 of the crossaints I had made. Not perfect, but compared with my previous attempt, this is much much more acceptable.

If you would like to know more about the class, you may find Bakerzatwork academy in the Facebook and either send them your enquiry or find the class schedule in the page.


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