Pan Au Chocolate Crossiant

Making cŕossiant in room temperature and in home environment was no joke. 

The key to successful crossiant is to roll out the dough with butter laminated as fast as possible, without breaking or melting the butter in it.

In Singapore, given our warm and humid environment, it is almost impossible. But I pulled it through in about 12 hours, visiting the freezer frequently.

After attending the crossiant basic class, learning all the truth and facts of making crossiant, I had decided to try it at home, without air condition. And I managed to make quite a decent layering:

Can you see the flaky layers?

Not very perfect I would say, but at least I am seeing the layers (not even though :p) and I am happy with the result. 

Will I make it again? 

Yes! That’s definitely! Though the hours were long, but being able to see the layers and end products and seeing my kids fighting over them, I will sure do it again. The process was definitely much easier than before I attended the class with butter oozing out at all 4 sides.

Shall practise more on rolling it out perfectly. 



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