Pan Au Chocolate Crossiant

Making c┼Ľossiant in room temperature and in home environment was no joke.  The key to successful crossiant is to roll out the dough with butter laminated as fast as possible, without breaking or melting the butter in it. In Singapore, given our warm and humid environment, it is almost impossible. But I pulled it through […]

Milk Kefir Loaf

After a few attempts of baking soft buns with water kefir, I haven’t had any success for a soft and airy loaf. All of them turned out dense.  After seeking advices and discussion and some facts, my thoughts were, I am using water kefir starter which feeds on sugar but for soft buns, we use […]


I’m sure many home bakers out there have phobia with making crossiants at home with butter and I’m not talking about using pastry margarine, dry butter with 84% fats content! It’s just like my macarons, failed many times trying to produce my dream crumbs crossiants. How much hard worked was put in in the rolling […]

Baking with Kefir water (Part 2)

There has been a craze on kefir grains/kefir grains/milk kefir/kombucha recently. I joined the craze…. Initial, I was more interested on how it’s effect on bread baking and how it works. However, after attending a workshop with lots of tasting of different flavour kefir, I fall in love with it for both drinking and baking. […]

Spicy Thai Mini Skewered Buns

Finally, I had the chance to try on this recipe. I tried it once at Cafe Pralet and like it so much, but they don’t always have it in the cafe and I don’t always go there too. Recently, I’ve bought this cook book “Pocket of Happiness” by Judy Koh, this bun is one of […]