Illustration Toast

I came across Little Miss Bento website and chanced upon a very unique illustration toast. It’s another way of toasting bread with characters drew on it and it was beautiful! With the recipe provided in her website, I tried it myself: The totoro was copied handsfree from a picture, hence it wasn’t quite like the character. It’s […]

Pan Au Chocolate Crossiant

Making cŕossiant in room temperature and in home environment was no joke.  The key to successful crossiant is to roll out the dough with butter laminated as fast as possible, without breaking or melting the butter in it. In Singapore, given our warm and humid environment, it is almost impossible. But I pulled it through […]

Baby Shower Dessert Table

This will be the 3rd dessert table that I had done. Am still learning and improving the decoration and such… thanks for all the opportunities given, hope I have not disappoint any of them. The dessert comprises of 5 items: 1. Green tea & Passionfruit bunny macarons  2. Mini bite size butter cake 3 . […]

Taiwanese Sponge Cake (台湾古早味蛋糕)

This cake is famous in Taiwan, but not so much in Singapore, until, it was brought into the Singapore market. The 1st store was opened in Tampines and it was reported that people are queueing for hours in order to get a piece of this cake. Personally I had not tried this cake from the […]

Baking with Kefir water (Part 2)

There has been a craze on kefir grains/kefir grains/milk kefir/kombucha recently. I joined the craze…. Initial, I was more interested on how it’s effect on bread baking and how it works. However, after attending a workshop with lots of tasting of different flavour kefir, I fall in love with it for both drinking and baking. […]