Baking with Kefir water

As I mentioned in my previous post, I had started my kefir journey. I had been either drinking the kefir or using the kefir water to bake bread. I love the bread make with kefir water, in fact, I think my whole family loves it. The resulting bread is soft and the crumbs are good. […]

Water Kefir

I had been hearing this “water kefir” term alot recently. People have been fermenting it to drink and it contains lots of probiotics as per what I read.  What really interest me was the effect it has on bread making. I had seen beautiful bread made from this kefir water which make me decide to […]

Blackforest cake….again

Blackforest cake is one of my signature. It was very last minute that my customer called me to order a cake for her nephew’s 21st birthday next day.  It was lucky that I happened to plan to visit the baking grocery store after lunch and so I can quickly grab some ingredients for the order. […]

Squid Ink Pasta

I had fallen in love with the squid ink pasta from the restaurant. However, not every italian restaurant have squid ink pasta in their menu. I had been searching every supermarket to see if they happen to carry any squid ink paste so that I can purchase to cook at home. Some online shop do […]

Crepe cake

Don’t feel like having the usual cake? How about a crepe cale for your occassion? This cake is make up of stacking pieces of crepe cake with fillings to a certain height. Each cake consist of minimally 15 pieces of crepes and snadwiched with 2 layers of choosen fruits. Contact me to order yours!

Another Naked Cake..

See.. this is what I meant. Another butter cake for family’s birthday. This time, I uses more fruits and a dripped effect for the side. Not totally naked, as I still crumb coat the cake and also, the flowers were piped using buttercream. This was for a younger generation in the family, hence the cake […]