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For those who have been following my blog, thank you for being with me. 🙂  For those who doesn’t know me, well, I’m a full time working mum, taking my off work time to bake for friends who sent their request to me. I love baking and I love cake decoration even more!

Beside baking and cake decoration, I am into some craft works as well. I love to DIY stuffs.

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2 thoughts on “More Information

  1. 作为一个全职工作的女性,还有这么浓厚的兴趣制作这么美味的蛋糕,对你的景仰犹如滔滔江水连绵不绝,像黄河泛滥,一发而不可收拾。




  2. Hi Vanessa, i m impressed by the minnie mouse cake you made and like to place an order for my daughter’s 2nd birthday this 1st July. Please advise how do i go about it, thank you .

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