Crepe cake

Don’t feel like having the usual cake? How about a crepe cale for your occassion?

This cake is make up of stacking pieces of crepe cake with fillings to a certain height.

Each cake consist of minimally 15 pieces of crepes and snadwiched with 2 layers of choosen fruits.

Contact me to order yours!

Another Naked Cake..

See.. this is what I meant. Another butter cake for family’s birthday.

This time, I uses more fruits and a dripped effect for the side.

Not totally naked, as I still crumb coat the cake and also, the flowers were piped using buttercream.

This was for a younger generation in the family, hence the cake was more colourful.

Naked cake

Being a baker of the family, it is always my pleasure to be able to bake for all the occassion for my family.

My family do not really like the ideas of having lots of cream on their cake, so, this becomes another opportunity for me to create some naked cake for the occassion.

Well, being a traditional chinese, I prefer to have some colours on my plain cake. As such, I choose to place fruits for colours on the cake.

This is my family’s all time favourite, butter cake.

Mary had a little sheep

This was another cake which kept me up all night. 

My customer chose a theme which matches the chinese zodiac of her daughter. The sheep was abit complicated as I choose to give the sheep a more 3D effect by using lots of tiny fondant balls. 

Personally I love the colour combination.

Do contact me for any enquiries.

Pokemon cake – The Megacharizard

Every year, I will be given a challenge by 1 of my regular customer. Why challenge? Because she will always give me an opportunity to attempt something which is either difficult or something I had never done before.

This year, my challenge was to create a Pokemon cake. Not the usual pokemons, but a rare one. The megacharizard! 

I was given ample time to create the figurine. I am glad I pulled it off and the birthday boy was very happy.

Do contact me if you would like to customise any birthday cakes. 🙂

3 Tones Chiffon Cake

Chiffon cake is not something new to me, but baking it in different tones will be something I heard of and aware, but never been attempted.

Recently, I have been hearing alot about colourful and patterned design chiffon cake, hence, I had decided to attempt this 3 tone chiffon cake with the coco powder I had. 

The darker tone is obtained from 1 teaspoon of Valrhona coco powder while the lighter tone is from normal coco powder purchased from Phoon Huat.

I had fun making these and shall explore more with other natural colours and flavours next time.

Experience with Gum Paste topper

Fondant topper is a very “irritable” project for me, especially in Singapore where the weather is hot and humid. Most of the time, these toppers won’t stand upright for you (or rather, for me :p) without proper support.

I was tasked to produce a musical topper for a friend. As you know, musical topper have lots of thin lines and it can be very fragile. With these thin lines, I won’t be able to support them with stick or wires (personally, I dont’t like wire in my cake), unless I can dry this topper hard.

Hence, I decided to use gum paste. But with the humidity in our weather, even with gum paste, the “monogram” couldn’t be dry hard enough to stay upright!

I had to seek online help. I managed to find from on how to dry your gum paste fast and hard.

The trick is…… to pop your topper into the lighted oven (I mean on the light in your oven, not heated) overnight. It’s just so simple… and I did it… the next morning, I was so happy. My topper was dried hard and firm!

Not sure if you can see clearly the musical heart shaped topper “standing” up firm…

I was quite satisfied with the result though.
Note: The cake was not done by me and the topper design was taken off from one of the pinterest post.